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At Geaux Fit Physical Therapy our goal is to assist our patients in returning to their normal daily activities and active lifestyle. We use a variety of therapeutic interventions to help patients improve mobility, decrease pain, improve strength, improve balance/stability and maximize safety and independence with all activities. Our therapeutic interventions include:


  • E-Stim, TENS,Therapeutic Ultrasound.


  • Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Therapeutic Massage.
  • Myofascial Decompression "Vacuum Cupping"


  • Spinal Stabilization and Strengthening Programs.
  • ROM and Flexibility Activities.
  • Static and Dynamic Balance Exercises. 
  • Cardiovascular and Endurance Improvement. 
  • Specific Muscle and  Whole Body Strengthening Programs. 
  • Sport and Activity Specific Personalized Training Programs.


Meet The Team

Brian T. Enlow, PT, MPT

Our entire staff consists of individuals with years of experience in the medical field and are ALL local residents of southern Richland and Franklin parishes. Chances are you will already know at least one of our friendly staff members before you ever enter our clinic.


Our Clinic



We take pride in providing our patients with a clean, organized and friendly environment. It is important to us to provide a wide variety of equipment in a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere. From private treatment rooms to a 3,000 sq ft gym, we strive to meet all our patients’ comfort and physical activity levels.

Phone:  318.367.0604    Fax: 318.367.2678     

Geaux Fit Physical Therapy is located at 3630 Front St., Winnsboro La. 

We are located between Popeye’s Chicken and Family Dollar Store, and right across from Smoker’s Paradise on Hwy 15 right in the middle of Winnsboro.

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